M&A: What to do BEFORE you get into the market

Are you thinking of adding media properties to your company’s line-up, or maybe looking at getting ready to sell? Don’t you also want the smoothest transition possible?

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling, here are some key points to know:

  • What buyers are looking for in media companies
  • How to correctly value your company
  • Getting the numbers you need to buy or sell
  • Closing the deal (and the fine print)
  • M&A trends and road bumps in the media marketplace

So why not get top expert advice before you make the move? Andy Clurman, (CEO and President of Active Interest Media), leads an enthusiast media company comprised of more than 50 print, digital and social media brands, a video production company, marketing services group, and events. We asked him to share some of his M&A insights for niche publishers:

What are potential buyers today looking for in media companies?

ANDY: “Repeatable, scalable revenue. Consistent history of growth and profitability. Diversification around audience with diminishing reliance on print.”

 It’s all about closing the deal. Can you share some tips on what NOT to do?

ANDY: “Introducing inexperienced staff and advisors into the mix. Re-trading the deal without major provocation. Not following a discrete process and timeline for due diligence, integration planning, and closing.”

What M&A trends (and road bumps) do you see coming in the media marketplace?

ANDY: “Continued consolidation of media platforms across all forms of media. The viable strategic players re-entering the market and “cherry picking” assets to leverage their operating platforms.”


Editor’s note: Andy will be co-leading the special session, M&A Advisor Roundtable, at the Niche B2B CEO Summit in Denver, June 19-20.

More about Andy: Andy is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Active Interest, an enthusiast media company comprised of more than 50 internationally renowned print, digital and social media brands, a state of the art video production company, marketing services group, and first-in-class events. The company’s four divisions—the Equine Network, Home Group, Active Living Group, and Marine Group—reach more than 40 million people in 85 countries through its leading brands that include Yoga Journal, SKI, Backpacker, Power & Motoryacht, Log Home Living, Woodsmith, and Practical Horsemen to name a few. AIM Events produces the world’s largest team roping rodeo events series, Trawlerfest Boat Shows, Warren Miller Film Tour, The Fly Fishing Film Tour, and Yoga Journal Events. The company also manages a variety of B2B businesses, a state-of-the-art video unit, and Catapult Marketing Services Agency. Andy serves as a board member of The Magazine Publishers of America, a board member of Yankee Publishing, is a University of Colorado Leeds School of Business Mentor, and is an adjunct professor in the University of Colorado College of Media, Communication, and Information.


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