Women and the Future of Magazine Media

I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting in Nashville that blew me away. It was for the newly formed Women in Publishing (WIP) Summit Advisory Board. The nine women in attendance are highly accomplished, experienced leaders in niche publishing. The great ideas were flowing! We were there to develop programming for a brand new, one-day Summit prior to the […]

What are we selling?  AUDIENCE!!

Say it with us, Niche Nation.  The value of your publication, your digital magazine, your e-newsletter, your social media presence is A-U-D-I-E-N-C-E.  In your unique market, no one can compete. Let’s leverage this and sing it from the roof tops. Tell your advertisers your audience story.  You have the audience that is most important to them. You can deliver your […]

Five Forces to Digital Revenue Success

We sat down with Rob Ristagno, author of “A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors”. Rob and his team have spent the past three years working directly with dozens of publishers to define the five forces to digital revenue success. The book is packed with case-studies, strategies, and step-by-step instructions on how to implement these five forces in your publishing […]

Close More on the First Sales Call-Part II

Last week, I wrote about how to bring structure to the very first sales call to give myself the best chance of making a sale. (And to enjoy that heady feeling as often as possible!)  The first 3 steps I take in every single sales call are to: Build trust. Share success stories. Determine market presence. Combined with these three above, there are two […]

How to Close More on the First Sales Call

It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it, that heady, addictive moment when you close a deal? In every ad sales training workshop I teach, I loudly proclaim that feeling just never goes away. For me, it is just as fresh today as it was when I first started out. Of course, I lost sales just like any other salesperson, but I […]

Audience Growth Hack

Audience growth is the mile-by-mile marathon that makes all things possible with your business – New Advertisers, New Revenue, New Markets – are all predicated on your ability to grow your audience.  As media marketers, the team at January Spring has pulled together our best growth hacks for audience development. People-Based Growth Start by answering these four questions: What is […]