What are we selling?  AUDIENCE!!

Say it with us, Niche Nation.  The value of your publication, your digital magazine, your e-newsletter, your social media presence is A-U-D-I-E-N-C-E.  In your unique market, no one can compete. Let’s leverage this and sing it from the roof tops. Tell your advertisers your audience story.  You have the audience that is most important to them. You can deliver your audience in print, across the web, in social media, and on mobile.

We often hear from publishers that they struggle to make the most of their offering when it comes to creating a compelling advertising story.  In part, because a publisher hasn’t fully leveraged mobile, social media or fully optimized their online delivery.

In other cases, we hear that their sales teams are on the deadline hamster wheel. Reps are consumed with juggling multiple deadlines, selling month to month, and rarely focus on presenting long-term marketing plans and strategies to clients. If we jump off that wheel and focus on the true value your niche audience brings to brands and advertisers, imagine the results for your organization.

The value of audience and selling that value to a targeted set of advertisers

In our work with publishers, we’ve helped them generate a 22% increase in new advertising business in their first 120 days of focusing on the value of their audience and selling that value to a targeted set of advertisers.

Here’s how:

  • Tell the story. Show your advertisers how you can reach the right audience, most important to their business in a way they understand and value. (To do this you must know your audience analytics.)
  • Create interest. Show them how your creative and editorial teams can help them catch the interest of potential customers. (Put your core editorial resources to work for your advertisers.)
  • Multiple channels. Show them how your multi-media approach can direct your audience to them both online and in the last mile of the purchase path. (Build a multi-media presence and use your data to support the value of each medium.)

Niche publications are perfectly tailored to deliver specialty products and services.

Niche publications are perfectly tailored to deliver specialty products and services to a precise audience with a need, and an interest, in these offerings. Your team knows your audience better than anyone else. You can help them develop messaging, imagery and ROI on their advertising investment. Done right, this is incomparable to any other medium available.

With a focused effort on articulating the value of your audience, we know you can:

  • Gain more market share per advertiser.
  • Develop a longer predictable pipeline of business.
  • Reduce sales representative churn.
  • Achieve profitability goals!!



More about Charity: Charity Huff is CEO of January Spring, a digital marketing & advertising agency that partners with niche media companies to make the most of digital. January Spring helps publishers grow their digital audience and subscribers through social media, e-newsletters and website redesigns. As a natural extension of that work, the agency also provides the very best digital and social solutions these publishers can bring to their advertisers.  Prior to starting January Spring with her partner, Shannon McBride, Charity built the advertising analytics platform, Tru Measure, widely used by the US newspaper publishing industry.


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