I Tried Selling Last Minute Niche Event Sponsorships. Here’s What Happened.

During the holidays last year, I was stuck watching America’s Next Top Appetizer Food Truck, or some such thing. The contestants had to prepare a meal for the judges (who saw that twist coming?). One of the judges arrived late and missed Read More

5 Things Media Sales People Do Wrong on LinkedIn®

What does LinkedIn mean to you as an ad sales professional? Is it a tedious necessity, or just a social media site where you have simply parked your profile and left it there—just so you can say you have a presence online?  In Read More

Native Advertising: How to Create the Right Program For Your Niche

Native advertising is a prime revenue opportunity for niche publishers, and shows significant growth every year. According to eMarketer, Native now makes up more than 50% of digital ad spending. And Business Insider has predicted that by 2021, 74% of all ads in the US market will be Read More