5 Reasons CRM Software Pays for Itself!

CRM solutions have come a long way.  In the mid 1990’s, CRM solutions started to become available and large, enterprise-style companies began to adopt them. But they required a lot of money and time to manage properly. Don’t go cheap on CRM software! Today, they can be implemented for your SMB (small-to-medium business) companies at various price points. That means that buying […]

Proactive Client Consultation for the Win!

One favorite aspect of my job is helping advertisers create and improve their message to achieve their marketing goals.  Whether it be targeted content, print ads or banners, I regularly review the creative with the advertiser to evaluate it against our pre-determined measures of success.  Is it doing what we had hoped?  Is the message clear?  How could we improve […]

The Best Ways to Find Top Salespeople

Have you cracked the ad sales hiring code yet? An inevitable topic at every one of our niche publisher roundtables is how to find top salespeople (and successfully retain them). We asked Sales Leader Stephanie Holland to talk about how to identify traits of great salespeople and where to find them outside normal HR channels. We also asked her to share some of […]

Sales Management: Market share and forecasting for the win!

Your sales team is making their goals each month. But how well are they actually selling? Do your sales reps really understand your brand’s audience data and market share? And wait….are they really making their goals? We checked in with Associate Publisher Nancy O’Brien about ways to help your sales team understand and communicate to clients the power of your brand’s market […]

5 Sales Tips to Set You Apart From the Pack

The evolving market means that you, as a super salesperson, needs to be well-educated in how to best market content and create native advertising campaigns that will connect advertisers’ brands to your niche magazine audience. Not so easy! You already have the pressure of your sales goals. You are making monthly progress and talking to new prospects. But does it sometimes […]