Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Ad Sales Role-Play

I am always amazed at the number of ad sales reps that never, ever practice their trade in an effort to improve. Just imagine if Tiger Woods never practiced. Would he be as successful? Probably not. Why did Michael Jordan shoot hundreds of free throws each week? Why do the best actors in Hollywood have acting coaches? Because being the best requires practice, […]

5 MORE Tips for Ad Sales Management Success

When I host sales trainings, we always spend some time evaluating the best practices we want to see in management. Last week I wrote about key leadership strategies in 5 Tips for Ad Sales Management Success. Identifying those leadership qualities can help you lead your ad sales team effectively. Every good sales manager should know how to set clear expectations, […]

5 Tips for Ad Sales Management Success

What makes a great Ad Sales Manager? When I am hosting ad sales management training, we spend considerable time identifying the desired qualities and abilities of sales management. Not surprisingly, there are common themes that lead to success. Here are 5 successful tips for being highly effective ad sales managers:    Clear expectations rule the world: Great managers are crystal clear […]

The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call

In my world, process is everything. The fact is most sales people thrive better within a solid structure, knowing the expectations and organizational framework. Personally,  I recognized long ago that I am a “roll with the flow” kind of sales guy and that sometimes a lack of structure kills my ability to be a raging success. So I created an […]

Team Call Zones Pump Up Salespeople and Ad Sales

Looking for a way to pump up sales this summer?  Team Call Zones might be the answer. A client shared with me recently that their advertising sales reps lacked focus – they were dazed and confused. I immediately asked about daily call volume tracking and client tracking in their Customer Relationship Management tool. These CRM tools were not in place […]