Beyond Compensation: 3 Major Motivating Factors for Your Sales Team

Consider these 3 motivators as you lead your team to success.

We have all heard about the studies that money is not necessarily the biggest motivator for salespeople. We’ve all heard passionate debates about whether there are other motivators that make top salespeople want to work for you. I do think there are some compelling factors to consider if you want to create a quality sales team for the long-term.

Beyond the compensation, consider these three motivational factors:

The first motivational factor, is autonomy. Autonomy allows the employee be self-directed, set some goals and manage their time in ways that often go beyond typical corporate structure and supervision. The plus side is there is more individual freedom in the daily work, yet the same or higher expectations in terms of results. Additionally, employers have found that some of the best new ideas are generated from autonomous employees. The downside is not all people can function well without clear direction.

The second motivational factor is mastery.  I think mastery actually means your commitment as an employer to training your team to be the best they can be.  This means continuous and consistent ad sales training so your team can always be improving their skills and approach. You might also consider cross-training to create an agile team with high flexibility.

The third motivational factor is purpose. Helping an employee find their purpose within your organization is critical to success.  They need to know what their contribution means to the overall “cause.”  How does what they do impact the company beyond profit? Are they recognized for efforts beyond sales that add value to the total team?

Employees will work for less money if their corporate environment fulfills these three motivational factors.  In addition, they are most often happier and will stay longer with you.

Build a sales team with varied levels of experience so they can learn from each other.  Give them the space to be creative, provide essential, on-going training and empower them to be part of the company’s vision. It will elevate everyone.



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