Memberships = Recurring Revenue!

There’s a ton of buzz out there about membership programs for publishers. Whenever a trend gets hot, we like to ask: What is the real problem we’re solving? Doing so enables us to avoid the trap of focusing on a passing fad. In this case, the real problem memberships solve is they create a direct and meaningful relationship with your […]

Is a Membership Model Right for You?

Don’t assume a membership is for you. Hey, what? Look, we love memberships, and so do many companies across media, events, retail, business services, and so on. But implementing a membership simply because it’s trendy, without doing any analysis, runs completely counter to what we stand for! While it’s true we usually end up working with clients to build a membership program, that’s only […]

Membership: Design Do’s and Don’ts

At the Niche CEO Summit last December, there was a roundtable discussion dedicated exclusively to membership models for publishers. One question several publishers had was: “I know I should have a membership, but I’m not sure or confident about exactly what should be included.”  The concern is valid. But here’s the good news: it’s possible to overcome this roadblock! We know […]

Are you ready to grow your digital revenues?

Are you ready to grow your digital revenues? We all know we need to launch new digital products to diversify our online income sources in these challenging times. The problem is the deck is stacked against us! In fact, we’ve found five forces that hold publishers back from growing the digital piece of their business. Which of these five forces […]

Five Forces to Digital Revenue Success

We sat down with Rob Ristagno, author of “A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors”. Rob and his team have spent the past three years working directly with dozens of publishers to define the five forces to digital revenue success. The book is packed with case-studies, strategies, and step-by-step instructions on how to implement these five forces in your publishing […]

3 Steps to Online Conversion Success

Online conversion is often the largest immediate opportunity for publishers to improve their online businesses. Why? Most media websites are focused on eyeballs, because under the advertising model, publishers get paid every time someone clicks on anything. It doesn’t matter what the visitor clicks on—as long as a click gets registered, page views go up, and the publisher earns another […]

5 Steps to Launch Your Membership Model

We’ve tried all these things in attempts to grow our digital ad sales: Hire a “digital” sales person. Create packages that bundle print and digital. Restructure sales compensation plans to motivate more digital ad sales. Shoot more videos and create more email newsletters to increase inventory. Some tactics work. Some fail and leave us frustrated. There is a better way. […]