My Big Flop

What this is not: A blog post about overcoming failure that led to great success. What this is: A blog post about coping and getting back in the saddle after a failed launch. My business plan was solid. Client base was huge. Deliverable was clever and necessary. Subscription-based product meant recurring revenue. Cost of production low. Pre-launch research was aggressive and detailed. […]

Take Your Database in a New Direction

Tear down those old, traditional database silos of print and digital. Think instead about an integrated audience database. An integrated database is far more useful to you when you connect the dots between website, events, podcasts, webinars, enewsletters, print, mobile, video and ALL your magazine’s other content platforms. The key is to combine and standardize your current disparate data and see each of your customer “engagements” as a […]

5 Keys to Super-Effective Prospecting

Here’s a fast fact:  50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. (The B2B Lead) Now I know you probably already have a dedicated time within your daily schedule for active prospecting. But are you as productive as you could be? As an ad sales coach, I often see sales reps squandering real opportunities based on a lack of […]

3 Steps to Online Conversion Success

Online conversion is often the largest immediate opportunity for publishers to improve their online businesses. Why? Most media websites are focused on eyeballs, because under the advertising model, publishers get paid every time someone clicks on anything. It doesn’t matter what the visitor clicks on—as long as a click gets registered, page views go up, and the publisher earns another […]

Increase Print Revenue with Native Ad Campaigns

Print remains one of the strongest channels for native and sponsored ad campaigns. Niche publishers have to think outside the box and get creative. Charles Warner, (CEO/Editor in Chief, Innovation & Tech Today) recently spoke at Super Niche in Louisville. He urged niche publishers to get the most out of their native ad campaigns by looking beyond traditional advertising norms to push […]