Ancillary Tips: It’s So Much Bigger Than Just The Magazine

Whether you are a City & Regional, Consumer or B2B publisher, finding ways to expand your subscriber base is a top priority. You already have the staff in place and a gold mine of content. But are you doing a great job of boosting subscription sales with your ancillary products? If not, what areas should you focus on?

We checked in with Logan Aguirre, (President) and Ammie Scott (VP of Strategy) of Whitaker Publishing to learn more about how niche publishers can increase subscribers (and revenue!) with ancillary products. Here’s what they had to say:

What are some good guidelines to keep in mind? 

“Look for advertiser categories that are growing that you could create content to sell around. Make sure you are clearly differentiating yourself from a competitor in your market (business journal vs. lifestyle business magazine).”

Where are the opportunities?

“From the City and Regional publishing perspective, we see great opportunities for going vertical with Restaurant Guides, Cookbooks, Outdoor Guides, and Medical Directories.”

Can you share a real world story of how 417 Magazine leveraged their core brand with an ancillary product for increased revenue?

“When launching our Biz 417 publication, the community embraced it very quickly.  We were able to have immediate credibility and trust due to our strong market presence with our flagship magazine 417.  We met our revenue goals our first month due to our marketing tactics, market reputation and clear objective.”



Logan Aguirre is the president of her family owned business Whitaker Publishing, a multi-media company in Southwest Missouri. Aguirre is responsible for the strategic direction, brand management and revenue growth of titles including 417 Magazine, the company’s flagship monthly lifestyle magazine with more than 125,000 readers.


Ammie Scott is Vice President of Strategy, a board member on the Executive Team and a Senior Account Executive.  Scott acts as the eyes and ears outside the office, constantly looking for opportunities, trends and feedback.  Ammie knows that no sale is identical to another and thrives on putting robust multi-media packages together to achieve maximum results for clients.


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