The New Media Sales Rockstar

Not long ago a large bottle of schmooze and a phone meant media sales success. Times have changed! To achieve rockstar media sales status you’ve got reinvent yourself. We asked Sales expert Chris Ware to share some of the tools, tricks and technology you need to succeed.

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Niche Media Conference Speaker Chris Ware shares how strategic online research can help increase your sales.

NMHQ: What are some of the best online research tools niche publishers should be using today?  

Chris Ware: Companies put so much information about themselves today it makes prospecting easy. Your prospect’s web site is likely your best first stop. The “About Us” or “Newsroom” pages are a gold mine.

You want to look for names of key executives and names of clients and partners. That way you know who to reach out to and when you get a hold of them, you can talk about how your audience overlaps with their list of clients.

NMHQ: Walk us though the best ways to prospect using LinkedIn.

CW: LinkedIn is essential for B-to-B media sales people. LinkedIn will send you daily email updates on changes with people in your network. If a prospect or client gets a new job title, it’s a great excuse to reach out to them. If they have moved to another company, you have the opportunity to sell to them there. And you know you will need a new contact at their old company.

The daily email brief will also tell you who has birthday that day – everyone likes getting a happy birthday email.

NHMQ: What should media ad sales reps do who want to take their game to the next level? 

CW: Information and time are just as important as money. If you have the right information, using smart online research, you will optimize your time and not waste your prospect’s time. This also separates you from the rest of the pack. Once you get on the phone with them, you will be able to quickly demonstrate to them, right away, that you know their business and have quality solutions for them.

Editor’s Note: Want to learn more? Chris will be leading the session The New Rockstar Media Executive at the Niche Media Conference in Denver in March.



More about Chris:  Christopher Ware, Vice President of Business Development, NAIOP  and a frequent speaker for Niche Media HQ.  Chris is an experienced association executive with expertise in generating non-dues revenue, including: corporate sponsorships, print advertising, online advertising, exhibit space and customized sponsorship plans.


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