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Revenue Case Study: Increasing Engagement and Subscriptions

Publishers that drive revenue from subscriptions are constantly straddled with balancing acquisition and retention. They have to rely on finding the “right time” and “right way” to make an ask. (New Orleans) and (Baton Rouge), the websites for the largest news organization in Louisiana, are no different. With publishing roots dating back to the 1800s, Capital City Press – the brands’ parent company, part of Georges Media Group – relies heavily on paid digital subscriptions to drive revenue and accelerate growth.

But effectively improving subscriber acquisition and retention means having access to unified, actionable first-party data and the ability to orchestrate cross-channel touchpoints to engage with subscribers and non-subscribers in meaningful ways.

Check out this incredibly useful case study, courtesy of our friends at What’s New in Publishing, on how and The Advocate increased engagement and subscriptions using a customer data platform (CDP) and push technology. New revenue ahead! Read the article here.