Bad Ads = Bad Publishing

Ads pay the bills for most publishers, and programmatic digital ads typically have the most ROI. It’s easy to say yes to these auto-generated ads and contextual placements, especially if your sales team doesn’t even have to think about them. But like so much content online, there’s a fine line between a quality user experience and clickbait. Check out this […]

Evaluate Your Sales System Using CPR

Sometimes selling ads isn’t the problem. The challenge you (and your team) may be working around is handling ad placement execution, especially on 11th hour orders. Yes, this is a good problem – more ads! But it’s also a situation ripe for errors, late placement, and team frustration. And odds are this lack of smooth execution is echoed in your […]

Make 2022 Your Year for Podcast Revenue!

Podcasts continue to perform for publishers. Adding this digital reach and revenue to your mix is something that should be on your list for 2022 revenue. Other digital engagement platforms like webinars and video make sense as well (rumors of audience fatigue with webinars are highly dependent on industry, topic, and format). It’s all about audience engagement and extension, which […]