Gratitude in the Niche Nation

Is your turkey going to be fried, smoked, roasted or butterflied? Where do you stand on sweet potatoes? (Or your father-in law, for that matter.) Are you for or against pumpkin pie? And what’s up with those vegetarian cousins who want to bring a mystery casserole?

In addition to these burning questions as we anticipate the Thanksgiving holiday, we thought we’d ask our Niche Peeps what they are most thankful for this year.

Read on and we’ll be back the week of Nov. 26th with insights from industry pros on what to be on the look out for in 2019.

So, what are you most thankful for this year?

Christopher Lester, Owner, C4ward Strategies

“It’s crazy to think we’re closing out 2018. What a year! I have so much to be thankful for, both professionally and personally. My gut reaction on the professional front is the myriad of software and SAAS products that made my life easier . . . but at the risk of sounding sappy, for me it’s the amazing connections I’ve made with other marketers across the country this year. Both at conferences and online, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with so many smart, kind and amazing marketers who are determined to humanize their message and grow their tribe. THANKFUL! On the personal front it has to be the Thanksgiving flavored Pringles that are on the way to my home. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and now after some quick clicks and strategic planning, Thanksgiving is coming in the mail via three simple tubes. Cheers!”

Kristi, Doughterty, VP of Marketing & Programs, Niche Media HQ

“Professionally, it has to be my pro level LinkedIn account. I find, connect with, and read posts from really interesting publishers and marketing folks on there. I use it multiple times each day, and have built killer Niche conference programs from it. Plus, reading outside the industry inspires fresh ideas. On the personal side, I’m really thankful someone created goat yoga, which my mom and I just tried. It’s a thing — look it up!”

Todd Lemke, Publisher, Omaha Magazine

“I’m thankful for the talented team we have developed and kept in our edit, design, sales and photography departments. And I’m thankful for my health and sense of purpose at age 60. I have never been more engaged or excited in my 36 years of publishing Omaha Magazine. I’m also thankful for the opportunities this great country has presented to me, my family and the publishing community. Last but every bit as important I’m thankful for this great community of magazine publishers that I have learned, shared and dreamed with.”

Elizabeth Petersen, Project Director, Simplify Compliance

“So much to be thankful for this year! The things I’m most grateful for fall under one bucket: Work-life balance. This year, I’ve taken the lead of Simplify Compliance’s newly formed Professional Development and Associations product team, and I have the great pleasure to work with smart, passionate people on projects that are truly meaningful for our customers. Earlier this year, I took a step back from an executive role to try the whole work-life balance thing. This decision was one of the best I’ve ever made: I’ve been able to spend tons of uninterrupted time with my family. I made fitness and well-being a priority, and I started playing again a sport that I love. I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in years, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Rob Ristagno, CEO, Sterling Woods

“Professionally, I’m thankful for my team who has taken Sterling Woods to the next level by helping publishers radically grow their online revenues. Business is all about getting the best people, and I’m so grateful for the talented professionals we have on board. Personally, I’m thankful for my one-year-old daughter Helena’s dance moves. Always brings a smile to our faces when we see her rock out to nursery rhymes. (She did not get the dancing skills from her father).”

Ryan Dorhn, President, Brain Swell Media

“I am thankful for Calendly. This single tool has helped me streamline my meeting schedule and allows my clients access to my calendar to schedule sales coaching calls and training sessions in real-time. On the personal side of things, I am very thankful for my wife Andre’ who handles things at home and allows me to travel like a madman and train salespeople around the globe.”

Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher, Aviation International News

“Professionally I’m thankful for my customers who trust me to help them do their jobs. I love creating new programs that are out-of-the-box but work for them and I am especially grateful to work for a company that allows me to work from a blank canvas. On the personal side, my blessings are far too many to mention, but I am very thankful for the joy those blessings bring to me.”

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Niche Media HQ team–we are grateful for all of you!


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