Evaluate Your Sales System Using CPR

Sometimes selling ads isn’t the problem. The challenge you (and your team) may be working around is handling ad placement execution, especially on 11th hour orders. Yes, this is a good problem – more ads! But it’s also a situation ripe for errors, late placement, and team frustration. And odds are this lack of smooth execution is echoed in your prospect development, existing client management, and inter-department work.

We like this recent article from Richard E. Brown in Editor & Publisher that details three steps to engineer a better sales system with “CPR”. Quick highlights below, or read the full article here.

  1. C is for “Communication”
    This is by far the most critical pillar to jump-start your sales system immediately. A solid sales communication plan establishes additional market share and brand awareness, which in turn yields higher quality incoming call activity and close ratios for your sales team.
    – Evaluate how you consistently communicate with current advertisers and prospects.
    – Leverage your marketing department for external comms to prospects and customers.
    – Invest in an applicable email marketing software or CRM to manage sales team comms to customers.
  2. P is for “Process”
    While process correlates to more traditional sales sequences, using CPR demands a sales system that makes proposal requests and creative development elementary, expeditious and effective.
    – Take advantage of software or online forms to develop a proposal request workflow.
    – Proposal form options should include all advertiser objectives, suggested product solutions, applicable discounts, perennial special sections, and ad creative.
  3. R is for “Retention”
    Retention is the Achilles heel of any sales department’s growth and longevity. This is the place to identify and automate touchpoints and essential communication follow-up. (See C for “Communication”.)

Tons of details and examples in the E&P article – take 3 minutes to read through and then think about whether applying a CPR framework can improve your sales!

Photo from Editor & Publisher