Evaluate Your Sales System Using CPR

Sometimes selling ads isn’t the problem. The challenge you (and your team) may be working around is handling ad placement execution, especially on 11th hour orders. Yes, this is a good problem – more ads! But it’s also a situation ripe for errors, late placement, and team frustration. And odds are this lack of smooth execution is echoed in your […]

Are you riding the growth wave?

Despite the challenges many industries have faced over the past few years, the majority of B2B publishers are thriving. From hosting virtual events and leveraging creative sponsorships to selling archives and creating highly niche print editions, B2B publishers have seen the benefits of having multiple streams of revenue.  Publishers are finding riches in niches. Paid subscriptions are surging, and ad-based […]

So What Is Good Programmatic CTR?

If you’re using programmatic ads in your sales offerings, or for your own promotions, this is a common question. How do you know whether your click-through rate (CTR) is good? We turned to Charity Huff at January Spring for some insights into programmatic CTR. Click-through rate is just one of many KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) used to measure ad views […]

10 Ways to Close 2021 Media Sales Strong!

Does it seem like 2021 was just an extension of 2020? While we did see some positive business rebounds, challenges definitely remain. And now it’s time to close out your 2021 sales as strongly as possible! Don’t let the “holiday slump” slow you down. Here are 10 time-tested ideas that I teach to my ad sales training clients – and […]

New Money Ideas: Recruitment Ad Campaigns

Your advertisers are likely bending your ear about their open job reqs and hiring woes. Seems like everyone is hiring. Here’s who is, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. • Hospitality: Bars, restaurants and hotels• Local Government• Healthcare: Pharmacies, CNAs, RNs, housekeeping• Construction• Manufacturing• Warehousing and transportation• Professional services• Education There are over 8.1M unfilled jobs in the US. […]

Overcoming the 6 Most Common Advertiser Objections

Media salespeople that can effectively handle objections close 40% more business. Handling objections is a skill that every media salesperson must master. Amidst selling during this global pandemic, objection-handling has taken a little bit of a different twist. Having worked with almost 30,000 salespeople around the globe, I’ve found that objection-handling is a skill that most salespeople think they have […]

13 ways to squeeze value out of one article

The editors, freelancers, research and reporting it takes to produce top-notch content is likely your number one cost. You owe it to your organization to maximize the ROI from that investment. How many ways can you use and reuse an article to get more bang for your buck? You’ll recognize most of these options, but how many have you actually incorporated into your […]