The Lowdown on Programmatic Ad Revenue

Publishers are always looking for ways to increase advertising revenue – especially in digital channels. Programmatic comes up often as an ad-revenue driver, but there still seems to be some mystery around what Programmatic really is and if it’s only for the “big guys” in magazine publishing. Let’s take a look! (Hint: it’s perfect for smaller niche publishers too.) We […]

Don’t be a Zoom Zombie! [VIDEO]

Quick – how many Zoom calls have you been on today? (Or MS Teams, Google Hangouts, GoTo Meeting, or any of the other video call programs for that matter.) Video calls have exploded due to COVID-19 and remote workers. Make sure you are at your best on each call! Even if no one has said anything about your tendency to […]

7 Tips to Manage Remote Teams like a BOSS!

COVID-19 has turned the majority of our workspaces into remote offices. And while some teams are adapting to this quickly, others aren’t handling this change all that well. In my sales training, I’ve been working with remote sales teams for years. If you’ve found yourself tasked with running a remote team, I’ve put together seven tips you can use to […]

Talk the Talk: 2 Awesome Sales Tips

As sales professionals, talking is a big part of what we do. We all have a pitch, a sales sheet and demos. But also consider that 86% of buyers report that they’d rather go to the dentist than talk to a sales professional (like us). Making the sale is really all about having an effective conversation with an advertiser—now more […]

20 Ideas for 2020 Niche Revenue… Part One

Happy New Year, Niche peeps! Let’s talk resolutions – reasonable, revenue-generating, growth-driving resolutions. No “lose 20 pounds by February 1st” madness here. January is traditionally the time to start fresh, but most of us are already working on spring magazine issues and events – and spending our 2020 budgets. Is it too late for new ideas? Heck no! Over the […]