Are you riding the growth wave?

Despite the challenges many industries have faced over the past few years, the majority of B2B publishers are thriving. From hosting virtual events and leveraging creative sponsorships to selling archives and creating highly niche print editions, B2B publishers have seen the benefits of having multiple streams of revenue. 

Publishers are finding riches in niches. Paid subscriptions are surging, and ad-based niche newsletters are driving growth.  

Have you been able to take advantage of enough opportunities over the past two years? Do you have the tools to effectively capitalize on potential growth opportunities, or does your CMS miss the mark?  

Here are three things your technology needs to support to take advantage of growth opportunities: 

  1. “Productized” content: Utilize metering and gating to lock premium, high-value content behind registration walls. Subscriptions – free or paid – to industry data, niche newsletters, webinars and podcasts equate to return visitors and customer loyalty. You could also offer site licenses to monetize your archives or repurpose content into downloadables to grow your marketing lists. 

  2. Targeted sponsorships: Advertisers love to “own” an audience, so make the results of your partnerships unique. This includes sole sponsorships to refined sub-niches in your market, and creating special sections, downloadables or podcasts that highlight industry trends and position you (and your sponsor) as thought leaders and experts in your niches.  

  3. Actionable data capabilities: You want a platform that elevates your audience data and removes silos to generate insights around registrations, downloads, newsletters, ecommerce – all your revenue streams in a single place. With improved data, and more of it, you can better serve readers and deliver a more personalized experience. 

Gloria Grafals

Business Development Manager at ePublishing