6 Reasons to Consider a Mobile App

Mobile apps are so embedded in our daily lives it may be hard to remember the mad rush to create apps of a few years back. The flip side of this observation is that with every possible brand and service offering a mobile app – is it worth it for you as a magazine publisher to develop, build, and market one too? (Hint: if you’re sick of social media marketing, an app is for you.)

Check out this recent article from website What’s New in Publishing that offers six reasons why a mobile app for your media brand is still a winning idea in 2022. Quick highlights below, or read the full article here.

  1. Readers expect a dedicated mobile experience
    Considerations: How often do you visit a website on your mobile device by typing its url into your browser? It’s awkward, and far from ideal. Is your site mobile-optimized? What’s your site and content load time?
    Why: Mobile readers want to get to your content FAST. Clicking an installed app that leads to an easy to use and read mobile site will keep them with you longer.

  2. Apps drive return traffic and retention
    Considerations: How many return visitors are you seeing on your site? What’s your bounce rate? Are your content reminder emails and e-newsletters open and click rates dropping?
    Why: Drive more traffic (and repeat traffic) with an app icon they see every time they use their phone, as well as by using in-app tools like push notifications.

  3. Mobile ad revenue is catching up with desktop
    Considerations: Having trouble selling advertisers on your digital issue or website space? Print advertising down?
    Why: Mobile has become the primary way most people shop, discover new products, and make purchases. Mobile ad revenue accounts for around 2.5 times that of desktop, at $100B vs $40B.

  4. No ad-blockers in mobile apps
    Considerations: Approximately 30% of the U.S. population uses ad-blockers on their desktop and mobile browsers. Your clients’ ads are not getting seen.
    Why: Mobile apps are free of ad-blockers! How often have you sat through a 15 second intro ad so you can get to that excellent cat video? Step Two of this idea is charging subscribers or members a premium to not see any ads in their app version.

  5. Apps help you build a strong brand
    Considerations: Brands with apps project professionalism and authority. These brands are essentially their own media channels, via their apps.
    Why: As your app use grows, you have “social proof” to potential readers by appearing on “top rated” lists and gaining positive reviews. Audience retention grows too, thanks to your improved UX and trusted content.

  6. Apps are a channel you own and control
    Considerations: Tired of fighting the algorithms on social media, not to mention getting to the top of your audience’s inbox?
    Why: Your mobile app is completely in your control. While you’ll still use social media, emails, and channels like Google to find new readers, your business has longer-term stability and retention due to the direct relationship with your audience in your mobile app, and your reliance on traditional outreach will likely wane. No algorithms in sight!

We loved reading this article and think you will too – definitely food for thought as we move into the year.

Photo from What's New in Publishing site