Bad Ads = Bad Publishing

Ads pay the bills for most publishers, and programmatic digital ads typically have the most ROI. It’s easy to say yes to these auto-generated ads and contextual placements, especially if your sales team doesn’t even have to think about them. But like so much content online, there’s a fine line between a quality user experience and clickbait.

Check out this recent article from website What’s New in Publishing, featuring insights from Tobias Silber at GeoEdge, that walks through considerations for the digital ad experience on your website. Quick overview below, or read the full article here.

  1. Clickbait creative degrades the user experience
    Consideration: 85% of advertising is now served through programmatic channels, and 56% of publishers are regularly faced with clickbait ads on their sites.

  2. Bad ads lead users to write off your brand and damage traffic metrics
    Consideration: 66% of publishers reported that bad ads hit their bottom line as user experience degraded. Degradation of site traffic discourages quality advertisers in programmatic or your direct web placements from buying inventory. Revenue begins to drop.

Ultimately publishers are responsible for the ad content on their websites, and can address poor website ads by working with an experienced and vetted programmatic vendor, having clear parameters on available inventory to fill, and reviewing their site daily for unexpected ad content.

We recommend reading the full article for details on identifying clickbait in programmatic ads, as well as ideas for increasing site time with quality content. Programmatic ads are a valuable addition to publisher revenue — don’t give up on them, police them!