Do You Send an E-newsletter to Your Advertisers? Don’t Make it a Big Fat Bore!

Don’t create a boring advertiser newsletter! Here’s Ryan’s top tips to make your advertisers wake up and take notice!

An inbox ho-hum. A yawner. Scan one second, delete…..delete…

We’ve all received that big snoozer of an e-newsletter, right?

First tip: Do you send an e-newsletter to your advertisers? If not, do it today. It’s another great way to reach out to your database and make that connection.

And if you are already sending out an e-newsletter to your clients, do they even read it? Is it so good they immediately call you wanting more information? If not, try shakin’ things up. We consulted sales expert and trainer Ryan Dohrn to find out what makes a good ad sales e-newsletter even better.

Here are 6 more of his smart tips for success:

1. Keep it short.  While context is good, bullet points are better and easy to read.  Less is more.

2. Focus on success stories. Include a quote from an advertiser in each month’s e-newsletter. Or include a story how your advertising overcame an advertiser’s challenge. Success sells!

3. Don’t pitch.  The idea is to inform and educate. If you pitch, they’ll ignore you and your e-newsletter.

4. Use the consultative approach. Remove all references to “advertising” and replace it with “marketing” or “partnership”. Share meaningful stats and industry updates with your advertisers.

5. Grab their attention with the subject line.  Spend some time thinking about a subject line your advertisers would want to read.  Be original and creative! Worst ad sales e-newsletter subject line of all time: “Advertising deadline is next week.” Excellent subject line (from Carl Landau): “Buy an ad… get a cat.”

6. Use visuals.  Text-based emails are just okay.  Try HTML templates that have text within a template. Include eye-catching visuals such as photos, a funny comic, videos, etc. Use color schemes that grab your advertisers’ attention.

Your  e-newsletter communication to your advertising clients is critical to your success. This valuable sales tool can make your advertisers wake up and take notice! Plus, presenting yourself as a trusted resource can help you earn long term business.

The goal is to create (and regularly send) an informative, interesting e-newsletter that your clients will actually look forward to reading. And then they will be calling YOU!



Ryan_New_Headshot More about Ryan: Ryan Dohrn is an award winning sales coach and ad sales trainer. He is also an international motivational keynote speaker and the author of the best selling sales book, Selling Backwards. Ryan is the President and founder of Brain Swell Media, a boutique sales training and sales coaching firm with a detailed focus on sales training and coaching for media and technology companies.


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