The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call

Ad Sales Trainer Ryan Dohrn shares his “10 Minute Ad Sales Call” process.

In my world, process is everything. The fact is most sales people thrive better within a solid structure, knowing the expectations and organizational framework. Personally,  I recognized long ago that I am a “roll with the flow” kind of sales guy and that sometimes a lack of structure kills my ability to be a raging success.

So I created an ad sales call process. As I looked to improve and refine how I hosted my sales calls, I looked for a simple, repeatable pattern of success.  I found that pattern when I changed my typical sales call into small, defined segments.

I soon realized I could host a really solid sales call in 10 minutes or less.   Because most sales people lack a process when they make sales calls, this simple approach really boosts confidence and creates a systematic plan.  Plus it also stops those endless, meandering, boring sales calls that result in little more than a request for a blind proposal – that often goes nowhere.

In my ad sales training workshops, I teach “The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call.

We start by breaking up the 10 minute call into five segments.  Each segment is 2 minutes long.  (Now, just in case you feel that 2 minutes is too short, please hold your breath for the next 2 minutes.  Ready..set…go.)  Each 2-minute segment serves a unique purpose.  

#1:  Personal connection: There are lots of ways to make a personal connection with your prospect. If you are stumped, check out LinkedIn or even their website or Facebook page for common ground.

#2:  Sharing success stories: Collecting and sharing your 3 or 4 best success stories of other advertisers that have worked with your media is very important. You can demonstrate what worked and what would work well specifically for the prospect.

#3: Ask critical questions: Sales people are usually masters of controlling the conversation – only when the advertiser appears sleepy do they stop talking!  To be effective, you need to stop talking and start listening. Be sure to identify 3 critical questions that will help you get the information you need to present the prospect with the best strategy.

#4: Presenting your perfect pitch: Yes, you haven’t pitched products until this point in the conversation.  Really.  And you only have 4 minutes left.  Be specific and weave into your pitch all the things you have learned so far on the sales call.  Your pitch should be tight, simple and ROI focused.

#5: Closing the Deal:  90% of sales people are afraid to ask for the order.  Don’t over promise.  Instead, paint a picture of potential and ask for the business.  (This is a critical 2 minutes of the 10 Minute Sales Call!)

So how do you become a master of the 10 Minute Ad Sales Call?  Practice. Grab a stopwatch and start the process toward success.  Think about it–you will be able to confidently promise your clients that with only a 10 minute call, you will not be wasting their time.  Everyone has 10 minutes for a good idea or conversation, don’t you agree?


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