Print + Digital = Highest ROI

I often encounter advertisers who think digital advertising is less expensive than print. Then I spend some time explaining how it’s not an “either-or” mindset.  A combination of print and digital works best and drives your highest ROI. I show advertisers that using both traditional print and digital components in an advertising campaign allows them to reach a much broader audience.   Why a […]

How to Have a Perfect (Ad Sales) Season

Are you gazing out the window at the fall colors, (or thinking about your favorite football team) instead of paying attention to all your unanswered emails? What about all the follow-ups? If you want to have stellar ad sales in 2019, think about making some changes NOW. Are you ready to tackle 2019 ad sales challenges? Here are 5 quick […]

Selling the Power of Print

It seems like I fight an uphill battle with a handful of my clients who think print is dead. I include print advertising, among many other things, in their proposal every year and then spend an hour explaining to them why keeping some presence in print in their media mix is a must. They argue that print ads aren’t trackable, […]

Fight Fire With Fuel!

Don’t you hate it when you call a prospect to close a contract and they tell you that they have decided to go with your competitor because they got a “great deal”? What kind of great deal you ask? And then you get an earful on how much more expensive your rates are and how they have a limited budget. […]

Sales Management: Avoid Digital Product Overload Syndrome!

“…the times they are a-changin’..’” With those lyrics we realize that very little stays the same in our publishing businesses. Most of us are seeing the shift from traditional print revenue to digital dollars. As that trend continues, publishers keep adding more digital products to keep up with the demand. Is it a sound business practice for publishers to pile on digital […]

Proactive Client Consultation for the Win!

One favorite aspect of my job is helping advertisers create and improve their message to achieve their marketing goals.  Whether it be targeted content, print ads or banners, I regularly review the creative with the advertiser to evaluate it against our pre-determined measures of success.  Is it doing what we had hoped?  Is the message clear?  How could we improve […]

What Happens When Your Clients Only Want to Buy Digital?

It’s funny how time changes everything.  If you’ve been selling advertising for a while you remember when we gave banner ads on our websites as value add to a print program. This was when digital advertising was in its infancy. Digital advertising distribution channels continue to evolve. Early on publishers liked digital ads with their low overhead and high margins, we […]