When It Comes to Your Publication, Consider the Simple Things.

Alternate revenue streams, paywalls, sponsored content, versioning, big data, social media tracking… Today’s publishing environment is complicated. But you know what? It doesn’t always need to be. We can get so caught up in embracing the next new trend that we overlook opportunities to improve upon our centerpiece: our print publication.

Take a breath. Take a break from the technology trajectory, and revisit some of the good old basics that could bring greater efficiency and savings to your publication.

Pondering a change in paper from gloss to matte or vice versa? Check out Paper Matters for the pros, cons, and considerations.

Thinking about increasing or reducing your page count? What effect might that have on the overall weight and postal costs of your publication? How about a special treatment for an issue, like a gatefold or cover wrap? Be smart about it and request a paper dummy!

Explore different trim size options to see the effect it could have on your overall production costs; it might surprise you. Read more in Don’t Guess; Calculate!

Here are a few more basic “gems” to revisit:

At Sheridan, we happily review the basics with our customers and always seek to find the best options for each publication.

Happy reading!



More about Susan: Susan Parente is the Publications Marketing Manager at Sheridan, a print and publishing services company that serves magazine, journal, and book publishers as well as catalogers.  Susan is passionate about all things print, her canine “kids”, cooking, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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