Your Reader Data Equals Big Bucks

There is real value in your readership analytics. Smart publishers are mining their metrics to increase their reach and cultivate new revenue. Are you doing all you can to capitalize on your audience demographics and preferences?

Three of the 5 Ws—Who, What, and Why—can unlock new avenues and opportunities for publishers who take the time to analyze their audience.

  • Who are your readers? Chart the demographics. Age ranges, gender, and location are just a few, yet these insights can be incredibly valuable.
  • What content resonates with them? (And, What Type of content? Special features, social media posts, webinars, newsletters, events?) Track the engagement.
  • Why do your readers find certain content of value? Are there business challenges they face that your content can help them solve?

Once the data brings the picture into focus, strategies will emerge. Is there an opportunity to target a segment of your audience with content specific to their interests and lifestyles? Is the data supporting or confirming a business track you have been wanting to explore? Has a trend or topic surfaced that will allow you to pursue a new audience?

Analytic tools are important. Get familiar with what you have at your disposal, be it Google Analytics or some other content analysis platform.

Here at Sheridan, we commissioned a white paper on this subject, and it’s chock-full of examples, suggestions, and insights from successful magazine publishers who are growing their audiences through a variety of exciting tactics. Our white paper, Know Your Audience to Grow Your Audience, has been one of the most requested papers we’ve produced, and I am happy to share these secrets of success with you. Just click on the title link above to access it. It’s free, but you’ll soon see that it definitely has value!

A final thought: Identifying good content is critical, but...

Identifying bad content is equally critical. Again, take the time to understand what drives your opt-outs, bounces, and unsubscribes. A deep dive into the data isn’t a leisurely float down the lazy river. It takes hours of work, and the ability to act on findings, but in the end, your newly fueled reader engagement strategies should yield a sweet monetary payoff.




More about Susan: Susan Parente is the Publications Marketing Manager at Sheridan, a print and publishing services company that serves magazine, journal, and book publishers as well as catalogers.  Susan is passionate about all things print, her canine “kids”, cooking, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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