Seize the Micro-Moment!

Mobile devices are now a huge, huge influence in customer interaction and engagement. Thanks to constant advancements in technology, the purchase process has become “a mobile customer journey.” Consumers just start tapping their smart phones when they need something. They move from an “I want more information” stage to an “I want to buy” stage in literally seconds.

So how can publishers make an effective impact? By paying close attention to the very distinct moments of conversion, called “Micro moments“. They are highly critical and evaluative touch-points where customers expect brands to cater to their every need.

Yet micro moments are different from typical customer touch-points.

The difference is the desired information is expected to be delivered instantly and regardless of time or location. An astounding 96% of users reach for their smartphones to conduct the required research in that very instant. Whether a consumer considers a purchase for something as significant as a new home or as small as a hammer, micro moments stimulate the impulse for the consumer to reach out for their mobile phone the very moment they are thinking about it.  And they can research and buy wherever they happen to be at the moment. These micro moments of attention are the new opportunity.

How can media companies capitalize on micro moments for increased conversion rates?

Providing a seamless mobile user experience will go a long way toward increasing conversion success. Consumers want no hassle, no clutter, no waiting! Publishers need to provide useful, quick, one-touch access to desired information. Over time, this heightened level of customer service will boost your audience trust so they become repeat customers. And it’ll give you the edge over your competition.

P.S.  Learn more here from Seachengineland’s The Importance of micro moments in the mobile customer journey

Editor’s note: To learn more about successful conversion strategies, Tara Tesimu, (Chief Digital Officer of Winsight Media), will be leading the session, Online Revenue: Click, Convert, Buy, Repeat at the Niche Digital Summit in Chicago, Sept. 25-27.


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