Best Advice of the Summer: Flex Your Niche Digital Power!

Summer is a great time to catch up on media revenue strategy and tactics, so we polled our niche publishers on successful ideas that boost digital revenues. Who doesn’t want that?? Here’s the secret sauce: It’s all about seizing new opportunities. Why? Because you are niche……and you can be just that more flexible.

5 ways niche publishers can seize the digital advantage:

  1. Research and then determine which mobile devices your audience is using the most. Target your audiences directly by creating content and design that is user-friendly on multiple devices.
  2. Deep dive into your audience analytics. Your data can tell you many revealing stories. Take the time to understand what your devoted niche community really wants from you.
  3. Embrace new technology by being open to testing different platforms. Test new social media outlets to see what works for your business. Then become an educating resource for your advertisers.
  4. Grow your audience database. How? By offering something in return for email addresses: premium content, e-newsletter subscriptions, user accounts for contents & polls, products or discounts, etc.
  5. Engage audience with interactive content. Contests, polls, forums and video can create a dialogue with your audience. This gives you a deeper understanding of your audience and gives your audience the feeling that they are part of a community.

Here are more ways niche publishers can capture digital dollars:

  1. Craft affordable creative services packages for your advertisers. Contract with a photographer or graphic artist to help create ads for your prospects that really “pop”. Develop the ad and give your client 25 “outtake” photos for distribution via social media.
  2. Think online at live events too. Promote photos to your website and social media feeds and use event hashtags to join the online discussion of the event. Provide creative gathering spaces that can be cool photo ops your attendees to get excited about and want to share. Actively work on bringing the event to your audience.
  3. Podcasts! They are easy to produce and don’t necessarily take special equipment. Plus they give you one more everlasting touch point with your audience and advertisers.
  4. Create other advertising avenues to capture dollars. Focus on strengthening the customer relationship. So your advertiser can’t afford an ad in your online publication for their new product. Maybe they just missed the deadline. Offer to run their press release in your e-newsletter for a fee.

Smallish is the new BIG!

Finally, don’t just take it from us—join other niche publishers at the 2017 Niche Digital Summit in Chicago, Sept, 25-27. Flex your NICHE power!



About this blogger: Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Niche Media. A former sales director and corporate marketing hack, she has now found nirvana in writing and wrangling quality content. Diana is a food, wine, art and SF Giants enthusiast…who sometimes gets carried away.


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