Take Lead Gen to the Next Level with….Quizzes!

Every publisher knows quizzes are highly engaging to readers. But a smart few publishers are using quizzes as products for advertisers.

Believe it or not quizzes can drive serious revenue, along with providing deeper insights into your audience and building your list. Whether light and fun, or focused on real-time industry feedback, a sponsored quiz is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to engage your readers AND drive some advertiser revenue.

Niche publisher EnsembleIQ has a growing line of quiz products across its brands, and is working with Super Niche sponsor CredSpark to create and publish quizzes as products which generate qualified leads for EnsembleIQ’s sponsors.

Very few publishers are thinking this way. Why not you?

We interviewed Ensemble IQ’s Jason Ward and Credspark’s Lev Kaye on WHY quizzes are the ultimate, easiest way to increase high-quality leads. Here is what they had to say:

Tell us more about quiz products. How do they work?

Jason: “In the world of lead gen, quizzes engage our users as much as we can. It helps us understand better and more deeply what our readers understand about our content. B2B audiences go to quizzes for fun, to see what they don’t know, and to show how smart they are. Better yet, readers are more likely to fill out an additional form to find out how they did compared to their peers, since they are already engaged. And there’s the big opportunity for a sponsored quiz, in which the advertisement is effectively embedded within our own related editorial content.

Quiz products result in high-quality leads. They are also another great way to provide new content to a new audience. They can gain traction in social media sharing as well as increased engagement in your e-newsletters and other promotional channels, which all helps publishers to better engage their readers. ”

Lev: “Outside the B2B publishing context, like a hobbyist or shared interest or local magazine, readers engage in quizzes for fun–but also to learn. Most of us don’t know what we don’t know. Quizzes can show the publisher and the reader where the knowledge gaps are–and in a fun, easy way. Quizzes give you valuable intel on how to bridge those knowledge gaps.

Additionally, recent news events have shown the risks of relying too heavily on social media platforms for audience engagement and data collection. The truth is publishers are not getting all the data when Facebook is sitting in the middle of it. When publishers create their own quiz products, they take control of the messaging and the audience data.”

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More about the Speakers:

Jason Ward is the Director of Product Development for EnsembleIQ across all of its B2B media brands including Progressive Grocer, Consumer Goods Technology, and Shopper Marketing. Jason’s expertise is in developing creative and effective digital products designed to engage the retail and consumer goods executive audience.

Lev Kaye is the Founder and CEO of CredSpark, the most sophisticated interactive content platform for media and marketers.  A former executive with Kaplan and The Princeton Review, Lev has deep expertise with using quizzes and assessments to engage and edify audiences, and he brings that knowledge to the world of publisher audience engagement, growth and monetization.

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