5 Tips for Ad Sales Management Success

Do you lead an ad sales team?
Here are some tips for ad sales management success.

What makes a great Ad Sales Manager? When I am hosting ad sales management training, we spend considerable time identifying the desired qualities and abilities of sales management. Not surprisingly, there are common themes that lead to success.

Here are 5 successful tips for being highly effective ad sales managers:   

  1. Clear expectations rule the world: Great managers are crystal clear with their expectations.  Are you?  Set expectations AND set accountability. Calendar in place to monitor progress.
  1. Understanding of the 80/20 rule: 80% of your sales volume will come from 20% of your advertisers.  Focus your leadership energy and mentoring accordingly.
  1. Knowing thatType A” personalities are high maintenance: Most top sales reps have the type of personality that sells hard and all the rest of you be damned.  Coaching them through interpersonal relationships and team communication is critical to total team success.
  1. Don’t mess with comp plans: Effective ad sales managers set comp plans once and only change comp plans where dramatic change is required.
  1. Money is NOT always the best motivator: Veteran managers understand that often giving time off, better parking spots or working one day per week from home can often motivate sales people better than a cash bonus.

Next week I will share 5 more tips for being a successful ad sales manager. Never forget– if sales management were easy, everyone would be stepping up to do it.

If you learn from other top ad sales leaders and cultivate your own best qualities, you will be well on your way to management success.


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