13 ways to squeeze value out of one article

The editors, freelancers, research and reporting it takes to produce top-notch content is likely your number one cost. You owe it to your organization to maximize the ROI from that investment.

How many ways can you use and reuse an article to get more bang for your buck? You’ll recognize most of these options, but how many have you actually incorporated into your content planning and workflow?

  1. Publish original article to your website
  2. Publish original article to your print publication
  3. Incorporate article or a portion of it in your newsletter or an email blast
  4. Use snippets from the article in social media posts
  5. Have an editor or writer read the article and offer for audio consumption
  6. Develop a webinar/video using the content, reformatted for visual engagement
  7. Convert the webinar/video into an audio format, such as a podcast or gated recording
  8. Create a downloadable PDF version of a high-value article that requires registration/sign-up
  9. Include article or pieces of article with others in a report and require registration/sign-up or purchase
  10. Combine article with other articles on an important topic and promote them as a series or a featured section on website
  11. Combine article or sections of it with others to create an ebook or white paper around a specific topic
  12. Pull pertinent points of the article into an infographic
  13. Include the article in a market report or an annual round-up

ePublishing’s dynamic tools make it easy to get ambitious about how many ways you can reuse content. With each repurpose, you increase the value of an article and your return from the time spent developing it.

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Gloria Grafals

Business Development Manager at ePublishing