Make 2022 Your Year for Podcast Revenue!

Podcasts continue to perform for publishers. Adding this digital reach and revenue to your mix is something that should be on your list for 2022 revenue. Other digital engagement platforms like webinars and video make sense as well (rumors of audience fatigue with webinars are highly dependent on industry, topic, and format).

It’s all about audience engagement and extension, which in turn build numbers that attract significant advertiser dollars, merchandising opportunities, and spin-off revenue.

Check out the success story of Immediate Media in the UK – their “across the pond” ideas are 100% translatable to your consumer or B2B media business. Their focus on revenue diversification started mid-pandemic, like so many other publishers, and their revenue growth in podcasts and webinars is impressive (13% year-over-year as of August 2021).

Our Top 5 Takeaways:

  1. While editors generate the content or act as the “face” of the podcast, a centralized podcast team (internal or outsourced) for editing and tech work is critical for controlling time and costs.
  2. Consider both programmatic and direct advertising for your podcasts and webinars. The programmatic can cover costs if direct sponsors and other ads are slow to take off.
  3. Test your frequency, length, and format to determine optimal broadcast times and number of episodes per week or month.
  4. Get lots of feedback about aspects of your main topic? Start side podcasts or special episodes (and get them sponsored).
  5. Webinars can work for consumer topics as well. Treat them as masterclasses or live demonstrations, or for B2B develop instructional and training content.

If you’re already developing or producing these channels, keep it up! If you’re just getting started, dive in!

Article Link courtesy of Media Voices