Where Do You Find Really Great Salespeople?

Almost every publisher I speak to right now has a similar challenge.  Where do you find really good salespeople? Good, proven salespeople are expensive to hire and difficult to coax away from their current company.  Plus, they are often high-risk hires because of their obvious willingness to jump for more money.  Inexperienced salespeople are untested and therefore may or may […]

5 Tips for Recruiting Sales Superstars!

As a consultant who has worked in the media industry, there are certain questions that I hear that indicate a larger problem (or opportunity).  One of those questions is “How do we recruit top salespeople?”. The answer isn’t as simple as Indeed.com or how to post a good job description.  Struggling in this area often indicates other issues in the […]

Poised for Growth? How to Attract More Qualified People

I’ve recently attended several area workforce development workshops and conferences where employers are trying to figure out how to get more qualified people to fill their growth needs.   The most common solutions include “soft skills training” and workforce education to improve the quality of the workforce.  While these programs are important, I’ve been making the case that many employers […]

5 Tips for Recognizing your Employees 

A recent study in a manufacturing setting highlighted the power of recognizing employees for their efforts.  The study utilized 4 different groups all performing the same tasks and experimented with different forms of rewards / recognition if the group exceeded their production goals for any given week. One group received a cash bonus.  One group received pizza. One group received […]