The Niche Advantage

YOU know niche publishing rocks. But how do you engage/convince/remind your readers, advertisers and vendors how great you are? Check out the “niche advantage” insights below from our Super Niche 2019 rock star keynotes.

Why Niche publishing always beats the Big Guys:

Christopher Lester, Founder of [C4ward Strategies]:

“The first thing to remember is that the “Big Guys” actually want to be more like you . . . don’t lose sight of that.

We see it everywhere – big brands trying to feel small, connected and relevant. That’s the power Niche publishers naturally have. You actually are small, connected, relevant, and I’m going to humbly add nimble.

In a world where everyone is connected, a shift has happened. A shift where connections are now the vehicle, not the end-game. As consumers, we want more. We want community. We want to belong. We want to be part of like-minded people . . . the modern day family. Some big brands have figured that out – hello Coca-Cola with your name on the bottle game. We see you.

Newsflash! Niche publishers do that every day, in a real and tangible way. We curate an audience, and provide them access to the things that mean the most to them. That, my friends, (and Coca-Cola) is the power of being at the center of like-minded people.”

Why niche publishers have the advantage when it comes to advertisers:

Gerrit Klein, CEO of Ebner Ulm Publishing:

“The simple fact that we deal with clearly definable target audiences gives us an enormous advantage. Our content is not consumable for everyone, but only for really interested people. General interest media has to attempt to picture its users. We know them, because our content is so targeted that no outsider would be interested. The most evident proof of someone’s interest in a special topic is the fact that he is spending his time reading about it. Contextual relevance is a far better glue than a plethora of data.”

 Niche revenue opportunities in 2019:

Sharon Houghton, Managing Director at Active Interest Media:

“Marketing Services are a key opportunity. Niche media publishers have audiences that are highly engaged and responsive. We are also tapped into our industries in a unique way, which is a key opportunity to position ourselves as strategic partners alongside our “advertisers” to deliver greater solutions than just an ad. Can you help them with their creative, content, video, research? You may be doing all these things internally already. And that means you have the expertise and manpower to make it a service your partners will pay for.”

So there you have it. There’s never been a better time to be Niche!

Editor’s note: Learn more from Christopher, Gerrit and Sharon, plus a whole line up of niche publishing experts! Join us for the 2019 Super Niche event in Nashville, March 18-20. 



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