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Ok, we’ve made it through Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Equinox and the Ides of March. Now let’s pause for today’s best idea ever for a proposed-holiday: National Niche Media Day!

In the meantime, here are your headlines on what’s new in print, digital, mobile, tech innovations and more.

The Power of Magazines

Here are the facts recently released from MPA:

  • Magazine media generates more social content than any other channel.
  • The #1 brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a magazine media brand (National Geographic.)
  • 24 of the top 100 brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are magazine media brands.

Read more on their Independent research study, The value of magazines.

Distraction-free advertising is a print thing

Everyone is inundated today with media pouring in from multiple channels. The good news is that magazines can provide a better, alternate experience for readers. The end result is higher reader engagement.

Check out these stats:

  • “Magazines yield the highest ROI of all media, using just 10% of ad expenditure” Nielsen 2015
  • “81% of people have bought an item or visited a place after reading about it in a magazine” Magnetic 2015

More on this topic from How print is producing a distraction-less advertising solution. And from Minonline, we learn more about why print magazine advertising matters in Bauer media study reveals surprises for print.

Moreover, publishers are forging ahead in 2017 with new launches. They are finding success with special bi-annual print products. Here’s more about these four new products from the in 4 new magazines to know.

Online pricing conundrum

As online ad pricing decreases, does it come at a cost to creativity? Author Bob Wooten observes that audiences are becoming more fragmented in digital space. We call that being “Niche.”  More from MarketingWeek: Digital media is a buyer’s market, but that doesn’t make it a good deal

More media minutes spent on Mobile

While publishers are working hard to provide the optimum reader experience, data-driven marketing strategies are the key. More about mobile-mania from 2 out of every 3 digital media minutes now spent on mobile

The newest platform

Finally, voice user interfaces are the new frontier in magazine publishing. It could drive up reader engagement too. From Min online: Magazines learn a new language



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