Team Call Zones Pump Up Salespeople and Ad Sales

Ad Sales: Get pumped up mid-summer with Team Call Zones.

Looking for a way to pump up sales this summer?  Team Call Zones might be the answer.

A client shared with me recently that their advertising sales reps lacked focus – they were dazed and confused. I immediately asked about daily call volume tracking and client tracking in their Customer Relationship Management tool. These CRM tools were not in place and would not be in place for several weeks, even if the ad sales manager liked the idea.

So here’s an idea that I have seen work in markets big and small–and  it has also worked well in consumer and B2B markets:

  •  Team Call Zones are set, specific times of the day where sales reps call new prospects or old clients for 35 minutes non-stop. 
  • They are allowed 2 minutes between calls to research the next call.  
  • The entire team must participate– even the “super-star” sales reps.  
  • After 35 minutes, the group takes a break together and grabs coffee or just takes a break away from their desk.  
  • The break is mandatory.

Then set up four call zones per day for 2 weeks.  The results? The number of appointments increases to almost 45% in most all cases.  The closed business increase is usually over 25% on average.

So WHY does this work?  It is all about accountability and focus.  Calling prospects as a team encourages individual accountability–and accountability is helpful everywhere, according to Forbes. Active participation creates focus.

Overall this concept is pretty simple — and actually a ton of fun.

Is there any reason NOT to have a 2-week Team Call Zone this summer?

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