Entrepreneurial Inspiration!

Technological disruptions and advances over the last several years have resulted in publishers redefining what they do— from “just” a publishing magazine(s) to becoming a niche media brand.

Fortunately, publishing’s blend of creativity, editorial, marketing and business management is ideal prep for that! And whether it’s launching a new product, taking on client services in design or copywriting, or thinking beyond your core brand, it all takes a certain bold mindset.

Are you ready to leverage years of experience into new revenue opportunities?

We interviewed Elly DeVries (Publisher, Group Tour Media) on how to take your successful brand to the next level. Elly took the brave step to start a successful magazine outside her niche. Read on to learn more about how to think like an entrepreneur, no matter how long you’ve been publishing.

Advice on launching a magazine outside your niche:

Elly:  “Launching is a risk, but there are lots of opportunities. My best advice would be to launch with both eyes open. Take time to really evaluate who would be interested in reading what you have to offer and how to reach them. Who else is reaching them? Is this a crowded field? If so, how will you stand out above the competition? Storyboard everything you can about the reader and what other properties they’re reading.

Now evaluate which advertisers want to reach your audience. Do you have a way to reach those advertisers? You will need advertisers to balance out your business plan. Of course, launching is much more than these two factors but these are the bedrock of any launch.”

Can you share a real-world challenge and how you overcame it?

Elly:  “One of our core products was lagging in sales. We took a hard look at what we were producing and started to brainstorm about how the audience was using the magazine. It was time to make some changes. We reworked the look and content, and expanded the circulation. Sales increased 11%.

The key to success was how it was rolled out to the sales team. We enlisted several champions who put together the why, how and what was happening with the magazine. The presentation to the sales team was so well-received that they were enthused and had no problem selling the product.”

What trends do you see coming in Niche publishing?

Elly:  “Audiences have the luxury of being hyper selective in how they spend their reading time. Content has to be desirable. Folks are looking for very personalized content. Niche titles are going to become even more niche to grab readers attention.” 



More about Elly: Elly is the Publisher at Group Tour Media. Under her leadership, Group Tour Media launched and maintained seven new print publications in the face of the digital revolution, and even stepped outside its niche into the consumer/lifestyle sector. With DeVries at the helm, the company has navigated through shifts in the print industry by constantly adapting to readers’ and advertisers’ needs, all while staying true to the company’s mission: “connecting the decision makers in group travel.” Elly DeVries landed in publishing late in her career after dabbling in HR and strategic consulting in various industries and sectors. In 2006, Group Tour Media, a client, invited her to join the team as general manager and imminent successor to the publisher; a year later, DeVries purchased the media company.


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