3 Ways to Be a Social Media Ad Sales Superstar

Ryan Dohrn gives us 3 social media tips that can lead to increased sales.

It is all too easy for an ad sales rep to say that they understand social media marketing because they post daily on Facebook.

How can you grow to social media superstar status? You must learn and totally embrace engagement to expand your ad sales revenue opportunities.

Here are 3 easy ways to increase engagement:

1. Sales Rep’s Personal Engagement: Posting on your magazine’s Facebook page is not enough. Every ad sales rep should be creating their own personal “brand.” For starters, they should be frequently blogging on their own blog, offering expert market information their advertisers are searching for. They should also be regularly reading their advertisers’ FB pages, blogs, sharing, re-posting, commenting on industry LinkedIn groups, etc.

2. Advertisers’ Facebook Engagement: “Fans” or “likes” are not necessarily a measure of the potential marketing power and/or effectiveness on Facebook.  A company’s page can have 15,000 fans/likes, when in reality, only 25 users might look at the latest post. It’s more important how people engage with the page.

A social media-savvy sales rep always asks their advertisers: Do your readers share your posts often? How do you measure the effectiveness of your audience engagement? Offer ways your magazine can help your advertisers expand their reach. How? Here are some helpful tips from Facebook.

3.  Audience Engagement: Expand your advertiser’s audience engagement. When an advertiser buys a sponsored post on your magazine’s website’s social feed, all too often the in the post goes directly back to the advertiser’s website.  Why is this a problem? Because you want to increase sharing of the post by keeping users engaged in the social environment, not taking them off to another direction. Link to the advertiser’s Facebook page to maximize the full potential of the post.

Understanding how best to use the engagement advantage is critical to the success of an ad salesperson. Try these 3 suggestions and I’m willing to bet your ad sales revenues will increase in 2014!


Ryan_New_HeadshotMore about Ryan Dohrn: Ryan is President of 360 Ad Sales Training, an internet & sales consulting firm focused on developing print and online revenue strategies for magazine publishers.



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