Sponsored Content Programs + YOUR Magazine Readers = Sales Success!

Are advertisers not all that excited lately about buying ads? Are you spending a lot of time trying to convince them of the ROI? That’s unfortunate, because there is a HUGE advertising opportunity they are missing out on: advertiser-sponsored content for YOUR hyper-targeted, super-niched Read More

The Stats Don’t Lie! Monetizing Video with Publisher Tim Hermes

Video is the #1 consumed media online. Have you fully embraced a video strategy, or does video feel outside your current staffing capabilities? We checked in with niche publisher Tim Hermes on how to best develop a solid video strategy that generates revenue. NMHQ: Read More

Hey Advertisers–It’s Not Print vs Digital, it’s Print AND Digital!

As a magazine ad sales professional, do you encounter prospects that only want to devote their ad dollars to digital? We know it’s not an either-or ad buy these days, it’s the full, integrated package! So here’s some handy links with stats and Read More