Are Customer Needs Assessments Dead? Part Two

Part Two: What You Should (and Shouldn’t!) be Asking in Your CNA Last week in Part One of this post, we talked about how adding in powerful recommendations will help guide your CNA and lead your client to get the most out of Read More

Are Customer Needs Assessments Dead? Part One

As we navigate the changes in our world right now, I think it’s important to focus on the Customer Needs Assessment (CNA.) We’re living in a world where people are limited in cash, limited on funds, and certainly limited on patience. So Read More

9 Ways to Avoid the Summer Media Sales Slump

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The Lowdown on Programmatic Ad Revenue

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7 Ways to Reignite Advertiser Conversations in a Post-COVID World (Part Two)

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7 Ways to Reignite Advertiser Conversations in a Post-COVID World (Part One)

The dramatic impact that the novel coronavirus has had on the United States and the world is undeniable. There are many different ways to view what has happened, and I do not wish to be political—I trust that everyone can handle politics Read More

Don’t be a Zoom Zombie! [VIDEO]

Quick – how many Zoom calls have you been on today? (Or MS Teams, Google Hangouts, GoTo Meeting, or any of the other video call programs for that matter.) Video calls have exploded due to COVID-19 and remote workers. Make sure you Read More