What’s the Big Idea? Events!

I am a foodie. I subscribe to a half-dozen or so influential epicurean publications. Within their glossy, beguiling pages, I routinely see full spread ads for amazing magazine-sponsored events that subscribers can attend.  Celebrity Chef demonstrations in Vegas. Wine and food pairings in Napa. Test Kitchen demos coming to a town near me. This is big business.

A recent publishing industry survey confirmed that truth, and supports the trend that events as an important revenue source are on the rise.

The most important thing to keep in mind:  events are in-person experiences. You have built-in buy-in and engagement from your attendees. Events are memorable. Events have a vibe. And, events offer more than one opportunity to generate revenue for your publication.

Build it and they will come

Your readers are a captive audience of which you know a lot. Build an event based on their interests and passions, and they will come (and pay for the privilege). So will the advertisers, who may serve as willing sponsors, speakers, and merchandisers. Aside from the thrill of attending a live event and learning new things, attendees welcome events as a great place to network with like-minded people. Your brand becomes the conduit for so much more than a membership renewal or a routinely delivered magazine. Its cachet soars.

At Sheridan, we just published a great white paper on this topic, featuring case studies from two very different association publishers, as well as insider tips from one of the magazine industry’s biggest events experts.

Our paper, titled How to Launch a Successful Events Business, is available now for free download; just click on the title link.  Learn how to create an event that really suits your audience, how to market your event, and how to secure the right sponsors and vendors for maximum wow potential (and revenue potential, of course).

Location, location, location

One point within the paper really struck me. Where you plan your event matters. A lot. Your venue should match your brand. Makes sense, and makes it memorable. Potential for extra-curricular activities (also sponsored by the magazine) abound. Now, what did I do with that ad touting the Napa wine and food tastings…



More about Susan: Susan Parente is the Publications Marketing Manager at Sheridan, a print and publishing services company that serves magazine, journal, and book publishers as well as catalogers.  Susan is passionate about all things print, her canine “kids”, cooking, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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