Email is a Silver (Revenue) Bullet

Let’s face it, as sales people, we love a full arsenal of products to sell. And, to be honest, it’s our job to help potential advertisers determine what’s the right mix. That being said, I implore you – don’t ever leave email (e-newsletters) on the table! Too bold? Maybe, but hear me out– because I’m not alone in my thinking. Email […]

Transform Readers into Evangelists for Rockin’ Revenue Results!

Creating a customer journey is more important than ever to ensure repeat revenue and audience growth! You have an amazing niche magazine and a devoted audience……. just waiting to interact, explore and BUY from you. But how do you turn an average customer to brand evangelist?   Christopher Lester, Digital Strategist for C4ward Strategies, knows how to use the right tools to create a more “human” […]