5 MORE Ways Your Magazine Can Boost Online Advertising Sales

Increasing online ad revenue for magazines doesn’t take a miracle – just get the basics right!

So your niche magazine isn’t seeing success in the world of digital advertising. What’s a publisher to do? Give up and be resigned to mediocre web ad sales revenue? NO! You can turn your digital ad sales around with the right sales training and not undervaluing your digital products.

Last week I gave you 5 ways we can boost online sales, including getting a quality ad banner system, having your web team craft a “web story” and more.

Here are 5 MORE things to try this week to help bolster your online sales efforts:

  1. Change the way your sales team talks about digital.  Your company’s digital story needs to be strong and vibrant.  This is critical!  Advertisers need to be trained that digital offerings, when combined with print, increase overall multi-media effectiveness by over 35%. (MPA Factbook 2012)
  2. Create robust ad packages instead of a bunch of individual products. Do NOT allow advertisers to cherry pick the best parts of a package and leave the rest.
  3. Create an email collection system that centers on contests.  Create alongside that a contest calendar for your sales team to sell from.
  4. Offer online research as a part of the ad package.  Most advertisers want research and it can sweeten your total digital buy.
  5. Recognize that a solid SEO plan is not the only factor in driving web traffic.  You hold a powerful card most web companies do not… The power of print! Market that!

Are these ways kinda Old School? Yes. But most of the 10 ways I’ve shared with you about boosting online sales are totally overlooked by most publishers. Get them right and you will stand out from the pack.

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