Ryan Dohrn’s 5 Links to Sales Success!

Looking for new revenue ideas? Check out sales expert Ryan Dohrn’s 5 links.

Ryan Dohrn gets around. As a sales coach, speaker, author and guest-blogger, he is always out there in the niche magazine universe, sharing his ideas and helping publishers and their sales teams find new ways to create revenue.

Here’s 5 quick links to stoke your sales week:

Link #1: The art of advertiser retention: Focus your sales efforts by keeping clients.

Link #2:  No time to read? Listen to the D.R.I.V.E. sales method via Ryan’s
sales training podcast.

Link #3:  Fast and furious, a 5-min video on pricing your digital assets.

Link #4:  Ryan sits down with the publisher of All About Beer as they talk about ways to use events to drive revenue.

Link #5: Ryan shares how to successfully sell online paid content.

A link a day, that’s all we ask. Plus they might inspire you to create some new revenue ideas of your own!


Ryan_New_HeadshotMore about Ryan: Ryan Dohrn is an award winning sales coach and sales trainer. He is also an international motivational speaker and the author of the best selling sales book, Selling Backwards. Ryan is the President and founder of Brain Swell Media, a boutique sales training and sales coaching firm with a detailed focus on sales training and coaching for media and technology companies.


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