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Webinar Topic:
How to Successfully Add Events To Your Media Company’s Revenue Stream
Webinar Overview:
Events can be a few hours or a few days. Their impact can last for years. Niche media companies are uniquely positioned to bring communities together – profitably. Since the Pandemic, people crave live interaction with others who have similar interests and passions. Events are just the platform to provide it. This webinar will help your company to successfully engage and deepen your relationships with readers and advertisers.
About the webinar speaker:
Stephanie Selesnick is President of Las Vegas-based International Trade Information, Inc. An event enthusiast, she has spent her career in the exhibition and events industry. Stephanie blogs for UFI, the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry and Exhibition World, and has run exhibitions and events all over the US, Canada, Mexico, China, and Europe.

More webinars coming soon…