Contact: Vincent Valvo
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Enough with paying exorbitant fees for event registration and badge printing. Enough with having to lug around huge trays of pre-printed name badges. Enough with inconvenience, annoyance, waste and excess cost.

Created for, and by, event producers.
ExpoTrac was developed and tested by event producers, creating a tailored product that does exactly what it needs to: check people in quickly, and make it easy to manage. We travelled the country, using ExpoTrac at more than 60 of our own events so that we could design a system that not only works for us, but that we know will work for you, too.

No more hauling around large trays of name badges. No more hiding badges that haven’t been claimed. No more cumbersome last-minute changes to someone’s title, company or name. Our cloud-based system makes it all easy, simple and fast. And even better, you can run this system with one small printer and one laptop – and then add more users instantaneously as demand picks up at various times of the day. Incredibly flexible, it’s also the most economical system on the market.

There is simply no other faster, simpler, agile and economical badge printing system on the market today. We stand behind it, because we use it every day.
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