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Maximize the Value of Your Audience From Omeda’s
Command-and-Control Center
When media businesses put their audience at the core, they drive revenue, scale, growth, and differentiation.

Omeda’s integrated audience data platform streamlines disjointed technology and processes into a single command-and-control center with the tools and expertise to unlock your audience’s value and accelerate revenue.

The solution includes a native Customer Data Platform, Marketing Workflow and Process Automation, Audience Channel Engagement, and Subscription Management to aggregate, activate, and accelerate your audience.

Customer Data Platform

Omeda’s CDP is built for professional media, publishers, and content creators. It aggregates first-party data to give you a clear view of your audience and active subscribers, deepen relationships, and launch relevant activations.

Audience Marketing Workflow & Process Automation

Omeda’s Audience Workflow and Process Automation leverage the power of your first-party data to deliver relevant and personalized experiences at scale. It eliminates the guesswork and gruntwork required to orchestrate diverse revenue streams for a seamless audience experience across channels from a single platform.

Audience Channel Engagement

Omeda’s Audience Channel Engagement leverages your first-party data to deliver relevant and personalized on-target communications across channels at scale, including email, SMS, social advertising, and direct marketing, while respecting your audience’s privacy and preferences.

Audience Subscription Management

Omeda’s Audience Subscription Management aggregates siloed subscription data into a single command-and-control center to create thoughtful, relevant journeys that convert unknown to known, deepen relationships, and increase lifetime value and subscription revenue.

Specialty media brands trust and rely on Omeda to grow their audience and revenue

“When you work with other [larger vendors], they’re not focused on media companies, in turn, we’ve encountered challenges that they may not be equipped to address.

Omeda’s familiarity with companies similar to ours is invaluable. We find that Omeda understands our concerns, as they are used to navigating similar issues with other clients. Our problems are not new to Omeda.
• Amanda Phillips, Vice President of Marketing, Active Interest Media

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