Niche Conference 2021 Slide Decks

Below are links to PDF files for the slide decks that were made available by speakers and sponsors. We look forward to seeing you April 6-8, 2022 in Washington DC. Click here for more info the Super Niche Conference 2022 event.


Todd Krizelman – Media Trends You Need to Know About Today – PDF

Matt Griswold – Keynote – Reliable Realistic Revenue, Creating Team Action Through Knowledge – PDF

Charles Warner – Breaking the Bank with Virtual Events – PDF

Ryan Dohrn – 21 Revenue Ideas For 2021 – PDF


Jenna Parks – Building a Pay to Play Money Machine – PDF

Eric Shanfelt – Building a Digital Media Powerhouse – PDF

Adam Carey – Getting Your Media Website Facebook Verified – PDF


Nancy O’Brien – Time Management for Sales Success – PDF

Nancy O’Brien – What to Do When a Customer Says No – PDF

Ryan Dohrn – Creating a Sales Process – PDF

Ryan Dohrn – Creating Winning Sales Proposals – PDF

Ryan Dohrn – Getting More Meetings – PDF


Sean Soth – Aligning Events and Content – PDF

Kristi Doughtery – Relaunching Live Events – PDF

Ryan Dohrn – Event Marketing Dashboard – PDF


SRDS- Getting In Front of Advertisers – PDF

Open Look – Cutting Costs with Outsourcing – PDF

MagHub – How to Sell Without Salespeople – PDF

Magazine Manager – Publishing Revenue Trends, A Look At the Data – PDF

January Spring – Programmatic Revenue Models – PDF