Managing Print Costs: “Overs and Unders”

Most magazine printers will apply a notation to their quote specifying their “overs and unders” policy when producing your magazine. But what exactly does that mean? Why “overs” and “unders” are necessary: Each step in a manufacturing process (including the printing process) results in spoilage that must be accounted for in order to ultimately meet a specified print quantity. While […]

How to Launch a Digital Strategy in Less Than 60 Days

When I say “launch a digital strategy” I mean every aspect of digital: online content, social media, e-newsletter, and even text messaging.  A True Digital Transformation. Everything your publication needs to reach an ever-growing digital audience wherever they are across the web, social and on their mobile devices. Recently we partnered with a niche publisher to upgrade and relaunch all […]

Ad Salespeople Need to Role-Play for Real

Questions: Why do you think Michael Jordan shot hundreds of free throws each week? Why do the top Hollywood actors have coaches? Answer: Because being the best requires practice, mentoring and coaching. Half-hearted role-playing stinks.  To be the best ad salesperson in your niche, you need to practice regular role play sessions. This means setting aside time and taking it seriously. (I am always […]

Are You Copping Out?

Publishers face many challenges that did not even exist 10 years ago. But before they surrender to Facebook, Instagram and Google, publishers should ask themselves if they are really doing everything they can to build their business. Or are they copping out? This starts with the challenging job of managing salespeople, pushing them from their comfort zone and creating accountability. Maybe […]

Your Reader Data Equals Big Bucks

There is real value in your readership analytics. Smart publishers are mining their metrics to increase their reach and cultivate new revenue. Are you doing all you can to capitalize on your audience demographics and preferences? Three of the 5 Ws—Who, What, and Why—can unlock new avenues and opportunities for publishers who take the time to analyze their audience. Who […]